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How To Deep Clean A Mattress For A Better Sleep

Mattress cleaning is essential, if it is left uncleaned then there is a chance of it getting stained and yellowing which shortens the life of the mattress. The dirty and moulded mattress will affect sleep. Mattress absorbs all the dirt, moisture, dead cells, etc. It leads to mould growth, dust mites, and bacteria which can affect your health. It is important to clean the mattress once or twice a year. If you don’t know how to do that, you can go for the below-given process to deep clean a mattress.

Deep Clean A Mattress

Thing You Need To Deep Clean A Mattress

You don’t need much to keep the mattress clean. These are some basic things that you can easily find in your home and can gather from the nearby mart.

  • A Vacuum Cleaner
  • Baking Soda
  • Antibacterial Spray or rubbing alcohol

Steps To Deep Clean The Mattress

Before you start the cleaning process, prepare yourself with a mask on. Open all your windows and doors for ventilation. Also, check the humidity in the room.

1. Strip Bedding

Remove all the sheets, covers, pillows and mattress protectors from the bed. It is good to wash all the sheets and covers and make them hygienic. A clean sheet is necessary for a fresh mattress.  

2. Remove Mould And Mites

Sleeping on a mouldy mattress can cause allergies. If you find mould and mites on your mattress, remove them as soon as possible. If you leave the mites alone, they will increase more and more, so it is important to deal with them as soon as you feel something is wrong. You can use an antibacterial spray. If you don’t have it, try an alternative like rubbing alcohol or chlorine-based detergents for mattress mould removal

3. Time To Vacuum

Now grab your vacuum with the attachment. Vacuum the whole mattress carefully from all sides. Many tiny dust particles inside the mattress are not visible to the eyes. Vacuum deep with high speed. Pay attention to the edges.

4. Work On Yellow/Brown Stains

Now, it is time to make your mattress spotless. You can surely find yellow stains on it. 

Sprinkle a layer of baking soda over the mattress and leave it for an hour. Baking soda will work on acidic oil stains and will absorb the remaining moisture and odour from the mattress. If possible, leave it for more than an hour. The longer you leave baking soda on the mattress, the better result you get.

5. Sundry

If you have time and good sunlight outside then keep the mattress out for some hours. Sun-dry is good for moisture to absorb. It will also work on mites and moulds.

6. Flip The Mattress

Now it is time to clean from the other side. Many mattresses can be used on both sides and should be cleaned on both sides. Follow the above process on another side as well.

7. Protect The Mattress

Now, the cleaning is done. Protect your mattress with a mattress protector. It will work for you in the future. When your mattress is fully dry and clean, layer it with a protector.

Hire Professional Mattress Cleaners

For good sleep, it is important to clean your mattress. If you are unable to do the above process or you do not have enough time, you can hire a mattress cleaning company. Micks Mattress Cleaning Brisbane is a very known company that deals in mattress cleaning. We will help you with deep cleaning of the mattress. Our team is an expert in giving the best Mattress Steam Cleaning in Brisbane. You can hire us with just one call.

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