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Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

Micks Professional Mattress Cleaning Brisbane Solution

In search of an easygoing mattress cleaner near me (Brisbane)? Contact Micks Mattress Cleaners Brisbane for the best services. As we are a client-focused company, we make it our priority to give you a pleasant experience when it comes to mattress deep cleaning services in Brisbane. Client pleasure and satisfaction are important to us. As a result, we provide even emergency and same-day professional mattress cleaning Brisbane services at pocket-friendly prices.

If you do not know how to deep clean a mattress for better sleep, it can be exhausting to clean the mattress on your own. We can remove stains, mould, odours and germs, all in one-time cleaning.

Call 07 3062 8464 and get our professional help in deep cleaning your mattress. To provide an on-time mattress steam cleaning, we make sure to dispatch the local mattress cleaners Brisbane team of experts. The experts who clean mattress stains are also licensed. So, wait no more- call us now to discuss your needs!

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    Health Risks Associated With Dirty Mattress

    Health Risks Associated With Dirty Mattresses

    Dust, bacteria, and other harmful things accumulate on the dirty mattress and cause various problems. In most situations, for an individual who is prone to asthma or allergy, dirty mattresses can trigger their problem often. Also, dirty mattresses lead to several allergies and infections on your skin. Most often, dirty mattresses in the hot summer season or humid conditions can grow bed bugs. These will attach to your skin and cause allergies and infections. Also, dirty mattresses can disturb your sleeping hours cycle.

    Sleep Clean and Comfortable Tonight – Contact Micks Mattress Cleaning Brisbane!

    Frustrated with everyday disturbed sleep because of dirty mattresses – you can relieve yourself with our professional mattress cleaning in Brisbane. Call us now.

    Get Service Fast 07 3062 8464

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    How Important It Is To Regularly Clean Mattress?

    If you are planning to replace your mattress instead of regularly cleaning it, we would advise you to not do it. Because replacing a mattress every time it faces issues can cause losses to your pockets. So, save your pockets by regularly cleaning your mattress. Its importance is:

    • If you are a person with allergies like asthma and eczema, you are potentially at risk if you do not regularly clean the mattress
    • On a regular mattress cleaning, your bedding will be free of surface moisture and sweat. This way you can safely prevent the growth of microbes and other pests like dust mites
    • The chance of stains occurring on the mattress is very common when your home has both kids and pets. However, you can safely remove the stains once you notice them
    • When you get rid of embedded dirt in your mattress, your bedding becomes free of unnecessary weight
    • You can also have a chance to increase indoor air quality and get rid of bed bugs from the mattress as well.
    mattress cleaning Brisbane

    Avail of Our Green and Eco-Friendly Mattress Cleaning Services in Brisbane

    We keep it our purpose to surpass your expectations when you come in contact with us to avail professional mattress cleaning services. As your mattress deserves the best care and even more attention at times, whenever you call us we provide quality services. With our services, your mattress becomes free of millions of bed bugs and dust mites.

    Mattress Steam Cleaning Brisbane

    Deep Mattress Steam Cleaning Brisbane

    With the industrial-grade machine, we safely do mattress steam cleaning to get rid of penetrated dirt from the mattress. As the machine does a mix of steaming and vacuuming, it kills even the spores and bacteria from your bedding. So, if you are in search of the best mattress cleaners near me, your better option is our steam cleaning service.


    Mattress Dry Cleaning Experts

    To ensure you get a healthy environment, we do dry cleaning on your mattress if there is only surface dirt and dust. This not only helps you to keep the mattress in good condition but also prevents you from having allergic problems. We are just a call away if you want to hire us for a mattress dry cleaning service.

    Mattress Odour Removal Brisbane

    Mattress Odour Removal Brisbane

    Odours from mattresses are often difficult to bear and they are in fact intractable. Therefore, we take time to tailor a perfect odour removal plan and use tested cleaning products accordingly. So, if you need an ingenious solution for the odour removal from your mattress, count on us.

    Mattress Sanitation Brisbane

    Mattress Mould Removal Service

    Are you not sure what the black, grey or green patches on the surface of your mattress are? They are different kinds of mould. Once you find such patches all over your mattress, fret not to get in touch with our cleaners. We can help resolve your issues by offering the best mattress mould removal service.

    Mattress Anti Bed Bug Treatment Brisbane

    Mattress Bed Bug Treatment Melbourne

    A major challenge your mattress can face is the attack of bed bugs invasion and then their breeding inside the bedding. So, avail of our mattress bed bug treatment for the quickest pest removal and get no more sleepless nights. Call us today to know how we do the bed bug treatment for Brisbane mattresses.


    Mattress Sanitization And Deodorization Services

    To sanitise the mattresses, there are various methods and we opt for a method called fogging as it reduces airborne germs in the mattress. Hence, our mattress cleaners Brisbane team is equipped with cold fogger machines. Post sanitization, we deodorize the mattress to make it smell pleasant.

    Scotchgard Mattress Stain Protection Brisbane

    Scotchgard Mattress Stain Protection

    The very next day of cleaning, mattresses tend to get stained without fail. Hence, for this sole reason, it is better to protect your mattress against dirt and allergens with our Scotchgard mattress stain protection service. We have special expertise in offering Scotchgard mattress protectors throughout the year.

    Mattress Anti-allergy Treatment

    Mattress Anti-allergy Treatment

    Are allergies stealing your sleep? Do you stay awake all night due to allergies? If this happens to you then the first problem is the allergens and the second problem is your mattress and you have to check both. The best way to get relief from both problems is to get Mattress Anti-allergy Treatment services.

    Same Day Deep Mattress Steam Cleaning Brisbane

    Same-day Service Is Also Available at Micks Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

    Our commitment to providing same-day mattress cleaning service throughout Brisbane is real and is available every day of the week for bookings. As we value our clients’ enquiries, regardless of the hour it strikes on the clock we patiently answer their queries. In fact, you can also expect prompt same-day mattress cleaning in Brisbane service at any address in Brisbane locality. Also, depending on the mattress type our customised cleaning methods can be the indoor hygiene solution. Solve your mattress issues today with our same-day mattress deep cleaning Brisbane service.

    All our experts are skilled & they know “How To Deep Clean Your Very Dirty Mattress For Better Sleep” without using any harsh chemicals. They have the best solution to clean all sizes of mattresses

    We Can Be Of the Best Help In Cleaning Different Mattress Stains

    To perform the special job of stain removal, we have a well-trained mattress stain removal expert in our Brisbane company. The different types of stains we clean to help you are as follows:

    Coffee stains
    Tea stains
    Makeup stains
    Lipstick stains
    Pet urine stains
    Sweat stains
    Stains from bed bug excrement
    Oil stains and
    Water stains.

    Know What Process We Follow For Mattress Cleaning In Brisbane

    We are a leading company that prefers the tailoring mattress cleaning process after an in-detail inspection instead of a standard process. This is because we can be assured which kind of treatment is best for your mattress type. One of our specially tailored mattress cleaning service processes is explained here.


    As soon as your bookings are confirmed with us, our mattress cleaning Brisbane team will visit your place. The visit starts with an inspection where we thoroughly check the mattress’s condition.

    Breakdown Particles

    Next, we take out the mattress cleaning to break down the dirt particles. Here, you get to observe the action of strong vibrations during dirt particles breaking.

    Embedded Dirt Extraction

    For extracting dirt embedded into the deeper parts of the mattress, we use the same mattress cleaning system; where HEPA filter bags collect the dirt. We continue doing this step until the HEPA filter doesn’t collect any more dirt.

    Disinfecting & Deodorizing

    To make the mattress free of bacteria, fungi, germs and other microbes, we apply UV-C light to disinfect. After disinfecting thoroughly, we deodorize the mattress.

    Protection Formulas

    We specially formulate a protective kind of layer to apply over your mattress. The reason for this is to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading.

    Speed Drying

    We have powerful techniques to extract water from the cleaned mattress and dry the mattress in fewer hours than others. You can trust our speedy drying process for quick results.

    Price Estimates For Mattress Cleaning In Brisbane

    Mattress Types Single Bed Cleaning Price Double Bed Cleaning Price
    Cot Mattress $59 $79
    Single-Size Mattress $99 $129
    Double-Size Mattress $110 $159
    Double-Size Mattress $110 $159
    Queen Mattress $110 $159
    King Mattress $120 $179
    Super king Mattress $159 $219
    Terms And Conditions: Mattress Cleaning Price

    • All given rates are constricted under minimum cleaning cost- call us to know.
    • Tough stains can cause a major increase in the given price- which we discuss on inspection.
    • We can clean even the smallest spot and if needed the entire mattress. It all depends on your situation and prices will change accordingly.
    • Do not take these as fixed prices- these are estimates.

    Why Go For Professional Mattress Cleaning?

    A professional mattress cleaning Brisbane service drastically improves the quality of your sleep if you take their help once in a while. With expert help, your mattress and you get many benefits in just one-time service availability. Not only do professional cleaners tend to your mattress needs but also your needs. The benefits of a professional mattress cleaning service are,


    Dust Mite-Proof

    Experts dust mite-proof the mattresses even if the mattress cannot be flipped. Moreover, they remove bed bugs as well.


    Remove Embedded Dirt

    Not only the surface of the mattress but the deep layers will be embedded with dirt. So, expert deep clean mattress for the embedded dirt removal.


    Kills Bacteria

    To prevent itching, risk of allergies and other respiratory issues, experts work on removing bacteria from the mattress. If there are other microbes besides bacteria, they also remove them.

    Mattress Spot Removal Brisbane

    Removes Spots

    From the face of the mattress, cleaners take time to remove spots of different kinds. They also work on removing dirt and stains.


    Neutralises Odours

    Experts work on getting rid of biological contaminants to neutralise foul odours. On neutralising odours, your good night’s sleep will no longer be affected.


    Prolongs Life

    The idea of prolonging the life of your mattress is surely an exciting thought. But this is possible only when you opt for professional mattress cleaning.

    Professional Mattress Cleaning Before After

    Benefits of Choosing Us for Mattress Cleaning Service in Brisbane, QLD

    We make a huge difference in this industry by providing various mattress cleaning Brisbane, QLD service benefits. So, simply call us to know what those benefits are right today.

    • All the mattress cleaning service processes we customize and implement are proven effective
    • Our cleaning products are safe without innards of chemicals and instead are eco-safe products
    • Air movers and dehumidifiers we use for drying the mattress post-cleaning are of advanced technology
    • Expect our service within 24 hours of scheduling us for a time slot in case of emergencies
    • The Mattress Cleaning Brisbane price is truly in the budget-friendly range with no hidden charges for mattress inspection.

    Things We Love About Charlotte Street, Brisbane

    Micks Mattress Cleaning Company is located at Charlotte Street, Brisbane, It is the main street in the heart of the city of Brisbane, Queensland. It is named for Princess Charlotte of Wales and runs for about 2.5 miles. The street is known for its grand architecture and its many popular businesses. It is also a great place to go for a walk or enjoy some local food or culture.

    The central business district is located on Charlotte Street and is home to many of the city’s famous businesses. It is also where most city residents spend their time. Tourists who visit Brisbane will undoubtedly spend time in the city centre, but so will locals who work here. It’s an ideal place to shop or eat since it’s so close to where most people work. Plus, it’s easily accessible by public transit or car so it’s easy for everyone to enjoy it.

    We Are Available At Charlotte Street in Brisbane

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    Appointment on such short notice

    I appreciate mattress cleaning Brisbane services and their team of experts for being able to book us an appointment on such short notice, we requested for the next day and they booked us. The service was exceptional and they did a fantastic job on both of our king-size mattresses. expect a call from us soon as we will be your permanent customer. Keep up the good work guys!
    - Susan

    Efficient cleaning job

    This mattress cleaning Brisbane service also had very reasonable prices compared to the other services I looked at online. The cleaners finished all the cleaning before the allotted time and volunteered to clean up the pillows and bed covers too for the remaining 10 minutes. Would 100% call them again! Great work guys!!
    - Wayne

    Amazing job

    I recently changed to this mattress cleaning Brisbane Services and I can say with complete confidence that they do an amazing job. I find them kind, thorough, and so professional p. They took an extra step and made my mattress look brand new, just like the day I bought it. Really a 10/10 service experience! I highly recommend them!
    - Sarah
    Micks Mattress Cleaners Van

    Micks Is Verified Brisbane Mattress Cleaners

    Location :-

    178 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

    (+61) 7 3062 8464

    Hours of Operation : Mon-Sun 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

    Costumers Rating (116)

    Reach Here

    Micks Mattress Cleaning Brisbane
    Location: 178 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
    Call: 07 3062 8464 Today


    If you do not want to be on the list of people who turn a blind eye to their mattresses, we suggest you clean your mattress twice a year with expert aid. However, if you want to give more care to your mattress, you can go for professional mattress cleaning once every 3 months. If possible, get your pillows cleaned as well.

    One of the common stains you find on mattresses appears to be yellow stains. Below are such stains that stay on mattresses for a long time if not treated and dried:

    • Moisture in the mattress
    • Beverage spillages
    • Urine, etc.

    A steam clean mattress process is a kind of deep mattress cleaning method for all kinds of mattresses. In this method, steam cleaners get rid of stains, dirt, sweat, skin dead cells and many more from both the surface and deeper layers of the mattress. If you plan to avail help with this cleaning method, our mattress cleaning Brisbane team is ready to help.

    Yes, our mattress cleaning service is available in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Region. Our team can reach all coastal cities and suburbs of Brisbane.

    You can pay your bill using various modes of payment accepted by our company. It includes AMEX cards, Debit Cards, Credit Card, Online Transfers and Cash.

    Our steam cleaning and stain removal techniques are so powerful that you will not notice any spot, yellowness or urine odour after the human urine cleaning by our team. We can perfectly neutralise stains and odours with eco-friendly agents.

    Yes, we are available to quickly respond and manage emergency and accidental mattress cleaning services in QLD. You can trust our team to handle common accidents like urine stains wine stains, food spills and vomit stains. For all situations, you can book our same-day mattress cleaning in Brisbane.

    The cleaning duration depends on factors like the size and condition of the mattress. The cleaning of a single bed mattress takes 1-2 hours while a king-size mattress takes 3-4 hours. We can assess your mattress and tell you how long your cleaning process will take.

    Don’t Wait for a Cleaner Mattress – Request a Quote from Micks Brisbane!

    Don’t give dirty mattresses time to spread health risks- Call Micks Mattress Cleaning Brisbane to get quick quotes and services.

    Get Service Fast 07 3062 8464

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