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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my mattress if I get professional help?

If you do not want to be on the list of people who turn a blind eye to their mattresses, we suggest you clean your mattress twice a year with expert aid. However, if you want to give more care to your mattress, you can go for professional mattress cleaning once every 3 months. If possible, get your pillows cleaned as well.

What are the reasons for yellow stains on mattress linings?

One of the common stains you find on mattresses appears to be yellow stains. Below are such stains that stay on mattresses for a long time if not treated and dried:
-Moisture in the mattress
-Beverage spillages
-Urine, etc.

Is your mattress cleaning service available in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Region?

Yes, our mattress cleaning service is available in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Region. Our team can reach all coastal cities and suburbs of Brisbane.

How can I pay you after your cleaning service?

You can pay your bill using various modes of payment accepted by our company. It includes AMEX cards, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Online Transfers, and Cash.

How perfectly do you clean human urine on the mattress?

Our steam cleaning and stain removal techniques are so powerful that you will not notice any spot, yellowness, or urine odour after the human urine cleaning by our team. We can perfectly neutralise stains and odours with eco-friendly agents.

Do you provide emergency and accidental mattress cleaning services in Brisbane?

Yes, we are available to quickly respond and manage emergency and accidental mattress cleaning services in Brisbane and the suburbs regions. You can trust our team to handle common accidents like urine stains wine stains, food spills, and vomit stains. For all situations, you can book our same-day mattress cleaning in Brisbane.

How long does your cleaning process take?

The cleaning duration depends on factors like the size and condition of the mattress. The cleaning of a single bed mattress takes 1-2 hours while a king-size mattress takes 3-4 hours. We can assess your mattress and tell you how long your cleaning process will take.